My concerns about the natural world influence my work as I endeavor to make sense of the “both/and” that is contemporary life, the beauty and chaos inherent in each moment.

Exploring themes of perception, adaptation and transformation, my work often inverts form and content as a response to our changing environment. My years as a dancer moving intuitively through space developed a heightened sense of physicality, informing my photographic process of digital manipulation, physical intervention and presentation. I offer different yet related bodies of work that shift between my alarm and disconnect to finding balance and healing in the beauty that remains.

I think of my work as a visual tone poem, at times engaging image, texture, words, music, form and/or movement. Current work takes form as archival digital prints and handmade artist books.

Dawn Watson Photography

Dawn Watson is an artist and activist. Her work examines the fragility of both the natural environment as well as our relationship to it and to each other.
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